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We started our fishing trip at 6:00 a.m. Today there were a few waves in the morning but that was not a big obstacle for sea fishing enthusiasts like us. I introduced Jeremy's family and his son Phillip, a 14 year old boy who is very passionate about fishing and very professional.

Accompanying the group is Mr. Jan from Germany, a big and very cheerful guy! We stopped at a fisherman's boat to get live squid bait to prepare live bait and use live squid to make squid noodles for breakfast.

I invited the whole group to go upstairs to lie on the relax chairs to admire the scenery and visit the islands around An Thoi, then the whole group enjoyed fresh squid noodles on the boat. Everyone started to get to know each other in a happy atmosphere. The first fishing spot we stopped at was channel 3. We stopped here for about 40 minutes but there was no sign of fish so the boat crew moved the boat to the spot. Another fishing line further up channel 4. At first we caught small fish around the reef, then Phillip was lucky to catch a barracuda, and Mr Jan was unlucky as the barracuda bit off his hook. . But it's okay, I quickly replaced a new hook for Jan. Unfortunately, we waited another 30 minutes, but the barracudas seemed like it was not time for the fish to eat.

We were a little sad and had a lot of fun fishing together. Then whatever happened happened, a silver snapper took the bait, Phillip used all his strength to pull the snapper about 3 kilograms. Phillip was very happy when he caught a big and beautiful fish for the first time.

Waiting a while later, it was Jan's turn, Jan's fishing rod was hooked and Jan tried his best to pull the fish, it was a very beautiful fish, the skin of this fish shined like a diamond so it got its name. English is Diamond Trevally.

Jeremy was not very lucky because he only caught a grouper that was not very big. At this time, the wind picked up and the whole group seemed tired, so we moved to another place so we could have lunch together. Today, the chef prepared sashimi that Phillip himself caught to make sashimi, and various types of fish. Others are used to make sour and fried soups. Everyone is interested in enjoying a Vietnamese-style meal. After that we continued fishing and shared about each other's passion for fishing, work and life.

Mr Jan can catch a diamond trevally for first time deepsea fishing in phu quoc


Mr Jeremy can catch a grouper

We returned to the wharf at 2pm and said goodbye happily after a fun trip! We look forward to the next opportunity to return to Phu Quoc to fish together for the next trip.

Wishing the whole group a good time when visiting Vietnam and don't forget to contact T.A Pro Fishing to book your next fishing tour!

Don't forget contact us by: +84 907 786 100

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